About Us

Established. in  2000...

GlassHut is a local, family-owned business that has been serving the Pacific Northwest and beyond since 2000!


You will love your new GlassHut Greenhouse because...

Aluminum-Titanium Frame:  Our frames are twice as thick as any other hobby greenhouse frame; we weld aluminum to create a frame that is as strong as it is beautiful. No more rotting or discolored wood!

3 Step Painting Process:  Our frames are sandblasted, acid washed, and then etched, primed, and painted two coats of quality catalyzed enamel.

Polycarbonate Roofing: 8mm, twin-wall polycarbonate with Ultra-Violet light tinting to help regulate light and heat. This provides burn protection eliminating the need for a shade cloth in the summer, but is heat retentive in winter.

Entry Doors: Top Quality, full-size 32" x 80" Andersen door with a screened window or optional full-view glass door with a roll-up, self-storing screen.

Screened Windows with Tempered Glass (optional): All season tempered safety glass slider windows with screens by Andersen. Windows provide adjustable airflow and comfort in any season.

Manufactured and Assembled at our local Facility: We fully manufacture and assemble each greenhouse so that it can be delivered to your prepared site. When we leave, you are holding the key to your new greenhouse and you are ready to grow.



We are a proud member of the Portland Home Builders Association.



90050 Prairie Road, Eugene, Oregon 97402

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